Electronic Surveillance and Installations

Digital surveillance you can trust to protect you.

The security landscape is witnessing rapid advancements, catering to a variety of threats and vulnerabilities.

Electronic surveillance and installations have evolved, encompassing not only traditional CCTV and alarm systems but also integrating buried sensors and motion detectors.

This comprehensive approach ensures robust perimeter protection, providing both homeowners and businesses with enhanced security layers and peace of mind.

Key offerings

High-resolution cameras and integrated systems offer real-time monitoring and recording capabilities to deter unauthorized activities and gather evidential footage.
These discreet sensors detect underground disturbances caused by intrusion attempts, such as digging or tunneling, triggering alerts to the central system.
Using infrared or ultrasonic technology, these sensors identify any unauthorized movement within a designated area, instantly activating alarms or cameras.

Seamlessly connected with all sensors and detectors, these systems alert homeowners or security personnel of potential breaches.


  • Advanced Perimeter Protection: With the integration of buried sensors, security extends below the ground, protecting against unconventional intrusion methods.
  • Real-time Threat Detection: Motion detectors offer instant detection of threats, ensuring quick response times.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Buried sensors offer non-invasive security solutions, maintaining the aesthetic and privacy of the surroundings.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: A combination of surveillance cameras, buried sensors, and motion detectors ensures multi-layered security, minimizing blind spots.
  • Peace of Mind: Property owners can rest assured knowing their premises are shielded by state-of-the-art security mechanisms.